At the Kansas Coalition for Open Government, we promote educational programs and publications to explain the importance of open government, monitor legislative attempts to weaken citizen access to government, and maintain a hotline for members and citizens to access when they have questions about open government laws and policies.

If you or an organization to which you belong wants to support our mission, you can become a KCOG member by mailing us your membership registration and dues.

We also accept donations through a secure, third party website.

KCOG is a nonprofit organization operated for charitable purposes and is tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Registration dues are tax deductible. See IRS Publication 526.

Kansas Open Meetings and Open Records Acts

How much do you know about the Kansas Open Meetings and Open Records Acts? This true/false quiz tests your knowledge. Take the quizCheck your answers.

Trouble with Kansas Open Records Requests?

If you have recently filed an open records request with a government entity in Kansas (local or state) and had trouble accessing the records or were given an exorbitant bill, we want to hear from you. Take survey.

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