Programs & Services

For over 15 years, the Kansas Coalition for Open Government (originally founded as the Kansas Sunshine Coalition for Open Government) has undertaken a wide variety of activities to further its mission, including the publication of brochures, videos and the presentation of regional seminars throughout the state in partnership with the Kansas Attorney General’s Office for local and state officials regarding the Kansas Open Records (KORA) and Open Meetings Acts (KOMA). They have been typically well-attended by media and public officials, with 100-plus typically attending sessions that have been presented in Topeka.

The Coalition also maintains a Resources web page linking to pertinent statutes, open government outreach efforts, and a link to a telephone hotline where citizens can pose questions regarding open government.

In addition to these activities, the Coalition partners with the Kansas League of Women Voters on open government projects, serves as a clearing house and resource for citizens and organizations seeking information about open government, and is the go-to resource for questions by media representatives about the propriety of meetings and records closures.

Kansas Open Meetings and Open Records Acts

How much do you know about the Kansas Open Meetings and Open Records Acts? This true/false quiz tests your knowledge. Take quiz.

Trouble with Kansas Open Records Requests?

If you have recently filed an open records request with a government entity in Kansas (local or state) and had trouble accessing the records or were given an exorbitant bill, we want to hear from you. Take survey.

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